Our pre-school is a combination of playful environment and preparation for your children as advance in higher learning. Our qualified teachers and care givers work with the children on basic learning skills and provide a comfortable environment away from home.

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TIES is more than a school.  It is a home, an institution, a proving ground, as well as a launch pad for life.  It is our mission to emulate the righteous figures from the past while leading the community through this 21th century.  With this aim, the academic curriculum at TIES is designed to expand each child’s mind through a mix of modern technology platforms woven with specific traditional learning techniques to exceed the state, common core, and public school standards.

Through our partnerships with major publishers and our school district, we provide our teachers the necessary tools to give our students what they need to reach their potential.  With skillful crafting, our curriculum is designed with the intent of TIES students surpassing their counterparts in other schools, but more importantly to result in success as an individual – to become well-educated, well-rounded, integrity-based individuals in society.

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The TIES language arts curriculum is based on McGraw-Hill’s Reading Wonders and is designed to enable all students to transition across each elementary grade level and beyond through consistently using differentiated learning to address individual learning styles and levels.  Beginning with reading and writing simple sentences, foundational spelling principals, and basic grammar and vocabulary in kindergarten and 1st grade, students will be guided to progress to reading unit themes with varying genres of novel-based selections and complex writing compositions.  Students will demonstrate complex writing to sources in addition to stylistic writing types (descriptive, argumentative, expository, and others).  During this progression, teachers foster lessons and hold thought-provoking discussions which will lead to strong, independent critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

Cengage Big Ideas Math is the curriculum of choice for TIES to meet the more rigorous math standards and assessments of today.  In additional to basic foundation math concepts, we place an increased focus on problem-solving and real-world application through a host of engaging online interactive content, tutorials, videos, and traditional texts and workbooks.  These coupled with hands-on manipulatives, advance students from knowing numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, classifying data, and the basics of geometry in kindergarten to fractional operations, rates, proportions, geometric principles, and early algebraic equations in the sixth grade.

Most recently, in an eagerness to help our students meet and exceed the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), TIES has adopted the Science Dimensions curriculum published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  With this more dynamic learning environment woven with engaging online resources, science has been put back “in the hands” and engineering skills increased, as lessons begin with questions rather than lectures.  Our male and female scientists are asked to learn by exploring, analyzing, applying and explaining, making them readied to excel in the STEM careers of tomorrow.

History is, by definition, dated. But through vibrant and meaningful connections to language arts, science, and math, social studies as a topic emerges as engaging with fruitful results. Lessons learned in history are lessons learned today.  Understanding societies, helps us understand ourselves, our civic duties, our geography, and the economics of today.

Lastly, our students, parents, and families remain up-to-date through our Gradelink student information system.  The moment our teachers enter assignments, grades, attendance, and more, this information is live.  From electronic messaging to real-time grades to current events, our families are well-informed about their child’s performance as well as our school’s goings-on. Click here to visit Grade Link

Junior High School

The TIES Junior High School builds a foundation for kids to learn and apply the most important aspects of education in the arts and sciences as well as religious studies. Our staff of experienced educators foster an environment of support and growth that your kids can use to graduate onto High School.

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High School

TIES is focused on providing an environment for learning and growth through engaging programs for our students including events, projects and group collaborations. Our students learn from trusted teachers and mentors in academics.

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Religious & Qur’an Studies

TIES strives to affects kids positively 24/7, not only during school hours. Our religious curriculum strengthens the heart, builds character, it instills knowledge, and it preserves their identity as Muslims living in America. In addition to the curriculum, TIES hosts and encourages extracurricular events and activities, including religious speech contests, Qur’an competitions, Islamic events and performances, Islamic chant group, and special youth weekend programs.

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Students at TIES receive around 30 minutes of Islamic Studies instruction daily. The curriculum is broken up into 3 sections: The Belief, Acts of Worship, and Islamic Manners. This knowledge will help the students preserve their Muslim-American identity and allow them to build communities based on sound values that will keep them safe in the Hereafter. The teachers deliver the information in a proper way according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings be upon him. The students will be asked to answer questions related to each lesson depending on their grade level. Students will memorize many religious texts and sayings of prominent Muslim scholars, in addition to learning prophetic biography. Students will be evaluated for their memorization, understanding, and participation in classroom activities, as well as completion of their homework, classwork, tests and quizzes.

Students at TIES receive 20 minutes of Qur’an instruction daily. The teachers are qualified and efficient in the Tajweed knowledge and the recitation of the Qur’an. TIES teachers emphasize the rules of Attajweed, the pronunciation and articulation of the letters, in addition to memorizing the chapters of the holy Qur’an. Students will be tested on both memorization and the correct pronunciation.


Curriculum (K1 – 8th Grade)

The curriculum at TIES includes: Qur’an, Islamic Studies (with designated time for prayer), Islamic History, Arabic Language Arts, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Art.
The textbooks used at TIES are published by highly regarded companies that have a long history in publishing textbooks for both public and private schools. Overall, the curriculum adapted by TIES meets and exceeds the standards set by the State of California’s Board of Education and other private schools.

Extracurricular Activities

Every school year, TIES conducts extracurricular activities that enhance the educational experience. Such activities include field trips to science centers and zoos, nature walks, etc. Furthermore, there are frequent social gatherings for the students and their families that include brunches, luncheons, and Islamic celebrations with student performances.

Arabic Studies

The TIES Arabic Program is designed to introduce students to the basics of Arabic with respect to the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students at TIES receive an hour of Arabic language daily. We exert the time and effort to make this hour enjoyable by engaging students in educational and hands on activities. Students will receive homework commensurate with their abilities. Students should complete their homework with minimal help. We have three main objectives in all grade levels:

Students will develop the knowledge, understanding and the listening, speaking and writing skills necessary for effective interaction.

Students will explore the nature of languages as systems by making comparisons between Arabic and English, leading to an appreciation of the correct application of linguistic structures and vocabulary.

Students will have a better understanding of the Islamic terminology and the culture of Arabic-speaking communities.

High School

The Hidayah Saturday School is an educational religious program offered weekly to students who want to enhance their education or are unable to attend The Islamic Education School (TIES), a full time, private elementary school registered with the California Board of Education. Authentic Islamic knowledge, Qur’an, and the Arabic language are taught by experienced teachers to multicultural students ranging in age from 5 to 14 years. These classes are taught for all levels. There is a low cost tuition which includes lunch, books, and supplies. All students are welcome, we look forward to seeing you soon!