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The Islamic Education School (TIES) is an elementary school, established to satisfy urgent local community needs. Our mission is to prepare students for success by building their self-confidence and moral character and by developing their intellectual, physical, and artistic potential. Capitalizing on the success of the AICP, in setting up and operating Islamic schools around the world, the Islamic Center of Anaheim opened TIES with the goal of providing the children of our community with an excellent academic education and superior Islamic instruction. This is facilitated through a strong curriculum based on the standards set by the State of California, the Islamic teachings taught by qualified teachers, and Arabic language courses taught by native Arabic speakers.
This foundation will prepare children to lead and to serve their community in the future. Students at TIES receive an education that stresses fundamentals, critical thinking skills, and good study habits; this enables them to pursue higher education and become well-rounded and contributing members of the community. TIES teachers are dedicated to helping students recognize their gifts, reach their potential, and better understand their moral and civic responsibilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Islamic Education School is to provide students with excellence in Islamic Studies as well as quality elementary (K to 6) and junior high (7 and 8) education.

This mission is achieved by instilling in each student the love of education through a specifically designed curriculum that is tailored to the developmental needs of each level, including a stimulating safe environment that encourages exploration, while applying high moral and ethical values. Students learn under the supervision and guidance of a well trained, caring, and dedicated team of educators.

Assalamu alaykum and welcome to The Islamic Education School (TIES) Anaheim!

At TIES, the goals we set are centered on teaching the great religion of Islam to the next generation and instilling a moderate Muslim-American identity in our youth. This starts in the classroom. TIES provides students from KG to Grade 10 with an excellent academic education, which encompasses a thorough secular curriculum alongside Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies, and Arabic Language courses daily.

Our experienced teachers prepare students by focusing critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and innovation. Within a positive and fun learning environment, students learn to use their voice, to hone their strengths, and to improve upon their weaknesses.

Step into any classroom, and you will feel a sense of inspiration and optimism. New students that are anxious to begin a new journey, older students are ready to lead the TIES student body, and our dedicated teaching staff is poised to encourage and develop each child’s personal and academic growth.

We hope that our website serves as an introduction to our school and an open invitation to schedule a tour and request a Welcome Packet. We would love to show you all of what the TIES community can offer. We are a school for the people, built by the people. We think that this means our school reflects the general attitudes of our moderate Islamic communities. Our school are a beacon of light, and our children are the shining hope of the future!

Muhammad Halwany

TIES Principal

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